Rental Tenants

Brent Quinn has been renting to folks like you for 25 years. We’ve had renters coming back to us season after season, year after year.

WE WILL HOLD YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT IN ESCROW. All we ask: Return the unit in the same or better condition than you found it.

We will do our very best to get your security deposit back to you in a timely manner (Colorado Law provides him 30 days). Often times, we can inspect the unit and cut you a check the same day.

If we have to mail it, don’t worry – WE WILL!

Things you need to know:

  • Many of our units are for sale. If you rent a unit that is for sale, there is a chance it could be sold during your tenancy. We will provide 45 day notice before any rental property is sold and do our very best to find you alternate suitable accommodations.
  • We often require a carpet cleaning when you check out. Check with us when you sign your lease to find out what the landlord / property owner requires.
  • We work for our landlord / property owners and we are paid on commission. All rental tenants are treated as customers.
  • We will work with you. Whether you need extra time paying rent, or simply a few extra months paying your security deposit of 1.5 months’ rent – we will help any way possible.
  • Whether you are in from out-of-country, or simply out-of-state, you can trust to help with your housing needs.

The Winter Park / Fraser Valley floor sits at 9000 ft. above sea level. Winter Park offers a high alpine climate. Snow totals average 370 inches per year. Snow is usually on the ground from November until June.