's range of services to our property owners:
  • Photograph and market each unit.
  • Find and screen possible tenants to match with suitable properties. This is arguably the most important aspect of our service. We find the right tenant, for the right property, for the right amount of time.
  • Negotiate lease terms.
  • Write the lease.
  • Collect and hold security deposit in escrow.
  • Collect all rent.
  • Take care of any and all issues the tenant may have. We work with reliable contractors to deal with issues promptly.
  • Handle eviction if necessary.
  • Send the owner a check on the 15th of each month via USPS.

For this, Fraser Valley Housing charges 15% of the monthly gross rent collected. There is no initiation or renewal fees. WE DO NOT COLLECT A FEE UNLESS THE LANDLORD IS COLLECTING RENT!

The landlord / property owner determines the lease rate, but we do make recommendations based off market conditions. Lease rates vary by complex and season. For example, winter only rental rates are typically higher than those in the summer because of the size of the tenant pool. Discounts are usually given for year round leases.

With respect to Utilities, we are generally talking heat and electric. Extras like cable and Internet are often left up to the tenant, but some condominium complexes offer these with their Home Owners Association dues.


With many foreign & seasonal only tenants, this makes life easier on all. We recommend that the Landlord / Owner uses their own utility history to set a “cap” on the utilities allowed. The landlord sets the cap and if the tenant(s) exceed normal usage or “cap”, then they are responsible for the difference and such may be withheld from their security deposit held in escrow at the end of the lease.

The Winter Park / Fraser Valley floor sits at 9000 ft. above sea level. Winter Park offers a high alpine climate. Snow totals average 370 inches per year. Snow is usually on the ground from November until June.